Early December NEW Releases!

Creative and fun character building storybooks with matching Bible study journals for boys and girls!

Meet Princess Penelope, a self-centered and unhappy young princess, who is making life miserable for everyone around her. What is to be done with her? Will anything ever make her truly happy?

Henry thinks he knows best. After all, he just knows that the dragon is his friend and would never hurt him. After all, his parents are just being bossy and trying to keep him from having fun. Will Henry be able to escape from this monster of his own making?

Creative and fun Christmas gifts! 

Henry coverHenry journalprincess coverPrincess Bible Journal

2 Replies to “Early December NEW Releases!”

  1. When and where will these be available? Toward what ages will they be geared? These look right up the alley of my kids and niece and nephews!


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