Bu-bye, Burnout, you’re not welcome anymore!

You probably already know this, but our family homeschools. No, we don’t “do school at home.” Like most home educators, we live learning. Our lifestyle is one that flows in and around learning in every shape and form – we’ve been at it so long, I have to stop and look at the calendar to see what week we are in.

In years past, I often dealt with an exceptionally debilitating condition we all like to call “burnout.” You don’t have to be a homeschooler to suffer from this monster, but homeschoolers seem to come down with a special strain of it!

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Something to love. Something to learn.

I have been down this week with one of the nastiest colds I’ve ever endured in my life. Ack! The sneezing! I’ve spent some time playing around online today, working through some of the WordPress elements I need to learn. I completely conquered designing and making slideshows. Yay, me! (AAAAchooo!)

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witness – not savior

We’ve all been told that “failure is good – you can’t succeed or learn without making mistakes.” And most of us go, “bla-bla-bla” inside our heads and go right on expecting ourselves to be perfect. We call it high expectations. We say we demand a lot of ourselves. My personal favorite is my own “mediocre isn’t in my vocabulary.”

When it’s all boiled down, though, what’s left on the bottom of the pot is the number one fear of mankind. (No, not public speaking.)

                                      Failure. Rejection. Just plain old not being good enough. 

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it is well with my soul

I want to tell you a story. It is a true story, and it is unfolding as I speak. I bring it to you with the hope that it will touch your life, encourage your heart, and more than anything, inspire you to come to Jesus. If you are already a follower of Jesus, I pray that you will be inspired to draw closer to the Savior of your soul.

Prom, April 2016


This story is about a young man named Matthew and his special friend, Laura. These two young people have been an inspiration to everyone who touches their lives; lives that have been Christ-centered and Kingdom-focused –  futures bright with dreams of working together to further God’s kingdom here on earth – Matt, using music and Laura, using her words in speech/debate and writing. Both have sought to put God first in their relationship, first in their plans, and first in their everyday lives. I’ve watched their relationship grow and mature in a special way I’ve rarely seen between two people, let alone ones so young.


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Math 6 – under construction!

Many of you have expressed great excitement about the upcoming release of Math Lessons for a Living Education Book 6! I thought I’d give a little update on my writing progress, as well as give you a little peek behind the scenes…


Math Lessons for a Living Education is well known for its stories, projects, copywork, narration, and whole-picture approach for teaching math. If you haven’t seen the NEW Master Books editions, go take a look here! The talented folks at MB have given the series a whole new look, complete with beautiful, bright colors, updated graphics, and – you’re going to love this! – complete lesson plans for each book! We are working on supplying placement tests for each level, which will be available at the Master Books website.

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