Math 6 scope and sequence!

Are you waiting patiently for Math Lessons for a Living Education Book 6?

I have prepared a cleaned up version of the scope and sequence I’ve been working off of, just for you!

Math 6 scope and sequence


  1. Andrea M.

    I know you are working diligently on this! My daughter is going to need it very soon. Maybe right after Christmas. Do you know if it will be ready? We are so excited for it to come out! 🙂


    1. Angela O'Dell

      Because most pre-algebra is a good review of all operations with fractions/decimals/percents and working with equations, yes, I do feel confident in saying that any student who does well with Math 6 will be ready to do well in a pre-algebra course. 🙂


  2. Janelle

    Seeing this just made my day! We discovered your books late in the game, but my dyslexic 5th grader LOVES it and I was already starting to fret over what to do with him next year…we do this and Life of Fred and he is THRIVING which makes this momma’s heart soar. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


  3. chasingadventurevi

    So looking forward to trying this!!! I am switching my daughter from her completed TT5 to your level 6. Do you know if your level 6 is comparable to TT6? She has been working on MUS Epsilon when she gets bored of TT and am hoping that the story will keep her interested while we combine this with LofF. Do you plan to continue higher levels with this curriculum? 🙂 We’ll be switching the younger ones from MUS to your curriculum as well!


    1. Angela O'Dell

      Math Lessons for a Living Education Book 6 scope and sequence is more advanced than the TT6. It covers about 2/3 of what TT7 covers. I highly recommend having your student take the placement test available at 🙂 Math Lessons is not completely based on a “grade level” approach. I focused more on age appropriateness and skill level. I hope this helps! 🙂 Also, Book 6 is the last book in this series. When your child completes it, they will be ready for placement in a pre-algebra program.


  4. Our Family for His Glory

    I know that these don’t really go by grade level – so what are your thoughts on an average 7th grader using book 6? The last few months my twins have been using Principles of Mathematics – some of it has been easy, but a bit of the terminology is difficult for them (and there’s so much reading), and now they’re struggling a bit with the fractions and the story problems. Wondering if this might help ease them into these tougher concepts a bit more? I noticed that both books have very similar concepts. Thank you.


  5. Stephanie

    I am planning to use Math 6 for my struggling 7th grader. I then plan to move on to a Pre-Algebra program (either Math U See or Teaching Textbooks).


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