Part 2: A fitting education

In the previous post in this series, we chatted about how Charlotte Mason advocated giving the student a fitting education. But what is a fitting education for our student’s today? For the sake of time and space, I have narrowed down my copious notes on the topic to these three main criteria for a fitting education. [...]

Part 1: What exactly is education?

We all have our own ideas about what education is. Some of us may think of a good education as one that includes many experiences, a vast knowledge base, or excellent grades, while others may believe that an excellent education is based on critical thinking, cultural understanding, and global connections. Who would be correct? Education [...]

Charlotte Mason for Today’s Student

Charlotte Mason for Today’s Student

Why do you homeschool? Have you articulated and written down your foundational belief that leads you to live out your life with the conviction that this is the best educational choice for your family? Are you prepared to stand by your choice without wavering and give an account for what you know God has called [...]