History Supplemental Resource lists

The America’s Story Volumes

*America’s Story 1 Supplemental list

*America’s Story 2 Supplemental list

*America’s Story 3 Supplemental list

Using the America’s Story Volumes for a high school course

The World’s Story Volumes

The World’s Story 1 – The Ancients Supplemental List

The World’s Story 1 – Pinterest Board!

The World’s Story 2 – the Middle Ages Supplemental List [Coming soon!]

The World’s Story 2 – Pinterest Board!

The World’s Story 3 – The Modern Age Supplemental List [Coming later]

The World’s Story 3 – Pinterest Board [Coming later]


Self Published Books Supplemental Resources 

You Could End up in Timbuktu [buy] – Pinterest BoardRecommended Resources List

PLEASE NOTE: Each copy of You Could End up in Timbuktu includes a comprehensive list of recommended and optional resources to be used with the course. The Recommended Resource List above is included also.

America, Land of Opportunity [Buy] Student Journal [BuyVoices of America’s Past [Buy] Literature Package [buy]

America, Land of OpportunitySupplemental Resource List

My Country, My State, My Responsibility [buy] –  Recommended and Supplemental Lists included in every copy!



6 Replies to “History Supplemental Resource lists”

  1. Angela ~ I am so excited to start World’s Story and truly enjoy (bitter-sweetly) my last year of homeschool with my senior. I do have a book for you to check out that I think would go well with the Volume 1 Ancients for jr high or high school. It’s called Adam and His Kin by Ruth Beechick. It’s a very old homeschool “standard” read published in 1990. It is an allegorical read/paraphrase of the 1st 11 chapters of Genesis.


  2. Do we have any updates to World Story3? Is it enough to use for my upcoming 9th grade? Does anyone have a literature list that would go with it?


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