blast from the past…

I came across a post I wrote in 2012 on my old blog. In the post, I was sharing what my then third grade daughter was enjoying at the moment. I thought I’d bring it over here and share it as an example of the way we homeschooled when my kids were little. In this particular study, she was following her fascination with owls. (Please note, I don’t know if the Startwrite program is available anymore.)

An Unplanned Unit…(Jan. 2012)

I am not an unschooler by any stretch of the imagination! On the contrary, I love to plan, plan, plan… but, I have found that there is something lovely about spontaneity. My 8 year old has been begging for more cursive, so I decided to use my Startwrite program to make her some cursive copywork pages. Last night, as I was organizing some books on an obscure shelf, I came across a book that I haven’t seen for a while. Owls in the Family by Farley Mowat, a book that I picked up for 50¢ at the library sale table. I knew that Katie would LOVE it! Brainstorm! The cursive copywork pages could double as nature study! What inspiration!



Scan 1.jpg



story pg 2.jpg story pg 1.jpg


I have absolutely no idea how long we will spend on owls, but today that’s all we talked about! I started reading Owls in the Family to her… she loves it… so I read two chapters instead of the planned one. She did her cursive copywork, colored the picture that I put in the corner of the page, and then we went online to find out what a great horned owl sounds like. We listened to a few here, and watched a few videos here. We looked at the globe to see where great horned owls live. I read the section about owls in the Handbook of Nature Study. We are going to dissect an owl pellet… virtually… at this site. There are lapbook and notebooking  resources from Homeschoolshare that might come in handy. Other books we will probably read: Owl Moon and All About Owls (by Jim Arnosky) and this site has wonderful poetry about owls. What fun it would be to use this to make an appliqué for the front of a pillow or wall hanging! :o)

Part 2…
Ok, so this owl interest is still going strong. We have finished Owls in the Family and the other above mentioned resources and books, so we are on to another story about – you guessed it – owls! Here is our new reading adventure…




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