Part 7: doable resources for peace and sanity

Have you ever had to restart your smart phone, iPad, or computer? Sometimes there are too many apps running, too many windows open, too much power or memory being used – the gadget freezes up and stops responding. At this point, the only thing you can do is just hit the restart button.

This is exactly what I have to do with my life.


Restart. New mercy. New grace. New joy. New strength. New peace.

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Part 6: doable resources for peace and sanity

I tend to be a perfectionist. There, I said it.

Perfectionism can take on different forms – in fact, I believe it can be as varied and unique as the persons who struggle with it.

My perfectionism tends to rear its ugly head in a rather subtle form. In fact, it can be mistaken for positive qualities, such as efficiency and diligence. Only those closest to me would know that the motives behind it just might not be all that pure.

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Part 5: doable resources for peace and sanity

I nearly scratched this topic off of my list of doable resources for peace and sanity. In fact, I scribbled it out, and then rewrote it, on my list of post topics – I knew I had to write about it. Even if it can’t be dubbed easy, it is doable. And it is important. [At this point, I’m wishing for an easier row to hoe – a funnier and more light-hearted calling. You know, the whole “Make ’em laugh” thing.]

Oh well, since that isn’t going to happen, here goes…

So often, my struggle to accomplish what I know is my responsibility nearly drives me insane. I feel like I’m shoveling sand against the tide – trying to move a mountain with a teaspoon.

Can you relate?

I’ve even been known to stand in the bathroom and give myself a stern talking to. “Pull yourself together, for cryin’ out loud! What is your problem?” And sometimes, my get-up-and-go just gets up and leaves. Adios. So completely out of here.

In all honesty, when I sift down through my issues, it’s not that I’m tired, crabby, hormonal, or even overwhelmed. Most of the time, my “why?” and “how?” are not matching. My tires have sunk down, and I’m just spitting dirt. Going nowhere. (Generally speaking I’ve let myself fall off the wagon – I’ve lost my routine, blown my budget, let dust accumulate on my Bible, and let my eyes wander to my inadequacies. What I truly need to do is hit the restart button. That’s my next post topic, by the way.)

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Part 4: doable resources for peace and sanity

Procrastination, laziness, anxiety, insecurity, fear, perfectionism, inability to focus, major lack of diligence. I think we all have dealt with at least some of these tendencies at one time or another.

I know that I sure have. In fact, some of these weaknesses became a major life pattern – a train track that was leading me to nowhere, or at least nowhere good.

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Part 3: doable resources for peace and sanity

Hello, my friends! I’m finally sitting down to write this post…I’ve taken a bit longer, because of all of the “doable resources for peace and sanity” posts, this one is the most important. We’ve arrived at what I consider to be the linchpin that holds the wheel of my life on its axle. Without this one, there is nothing that makes my life make sense. I approach the writing of this post with a bit of trepidation. I write this with gentleness and humility, knowing that I need to live this authentically more than anyone else; God holds me responsible to live what I teach.

So far we’ve talked about having a doable routine and a doable organizational system. While we are forming our routine and finding our sweet spot with organization, it is of the greatest importance to place our alone time with Jesus right at the top of that list.

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Part 2: doable resources for peace and sanity

Hey, friends, we are going to talk about the next item on my list of doable resources for peace and sanity. My goal is to encourage you in your life, and hopefully, to enable you to have courage to tackle some of those areas that may have you backed into a corner. First, I want you to remember that I’m a mom just like you, and my life can get pretty nutty at times! I may be the one writing this, but that doesn’t put me in a place above you at all. In fact, God usually appoints the one who needs to hear (repeatedly!) the message, to be the one to deliver the message. I know this to be quite true! So, look over to your “fellow soldier in the trenches” and wave hi!

Let’s enjoy a little chat about success and sanity…

We humans are always looking for ways to make our lives easier and bit less crazy. At times, we spend more energy on trying to find a shortcut or a organizational tip than if we had just gone ahead, dug in, and persevered with a task in its original form. If you are visual like me, you even want your day planner to be attractive because that will help me stick to the plans inside its covers. I’m laughing at my self as I write this. I wonder how much time and effort I have spent trying to make my life look less crazy to myself!


So, how can we tame the crazy, keep our lives organized to a sane degree, keep a healthy balance, without turning our organizing and planning into a major life focus. (You may actually want to spend the majority of your time planning, organizing, and cleaning, and if you do, bless your heart. I love you!)

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Part 1: doable resources for peace and sanity

Originally, I was going to make this post simply about my favorite homeschooling resources. However, as I started writing, I realized that because homeschooling is such an integrated part of our lives, I was feeling rather segmented. Life doesn’t come in compartments – it’s all connected and interrelated. My life has to be organized according to priorities, or nothing works well, and there is no peace and harmony. I have a feeling that your life is that way, also. So, I scrapped my original post and started over.

In order to have success and sanity, I have to have my priorities lined up correctly. My priorities dictate what I’m going to focus on and where the bulk of my energy is going to be spent. I’m writing this post because I think you are probably a lot like me in this way. What you read here may not be anything new at all, then again, even if it makes you feel more confident in your approach to life, it’s worth the read!

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