Young Artists art curriculum is a fun, hands-on approach to teaching and learning art.  Would you like to see samples? Available as a digital download product! Now through February 17th, receive 25% off at checkout. Code: feb-digital25%  

Valentine’s Sale!

Two great ways to save! Save 25% off of all digital products at through February 17!  CODE: feb-digital25% OR Buy either Princess Penelope's Reward storybook or Henry and the Dragon storybook or From Head to Toe storybook on my AMAZON store and receive a special code to receive 50% off of either Princess Penelope's Reward …

A trip around the U.S.A.

Middle school students will enjoy this guided tour through U.S. geography, national symbols, state study, and state civics. Here is a look at the supplemental literature list included in the back of the book. All titles are available through Rainbow Resource.

Written Narration & Literature Analysis

Written narration (written summaries), vocabulary development, literary analysis, and critical thinking are all important skills for a student to learn during their high school years. Introducing the Journal Your Thoughts Written Narration course for high schoolers! The World Literature volume of this series is based on six whole books. This course will guide your high …

Do you know our history?

Every citizen of a country has an obligation to learn about that country, its history, its purpose, its government. Of no less importance is the learning of their own responsibility to that country. America, Land of Opportunity is a course that will teach your high schooler (10th - 12th) their rights and responsibilities as an …

Meet Princess Penelope

Let your young girls make friends with Penelope. They may find that they have a lot in common! Princess Penelope's Reward storybook and matching Bible Study Journal invites young girls (ages 8-13) to take responsibility for their own thoughts, actions, character growth, and relationships with others. Available here, at Jellybean Jar Publications.