So, this is happening…

Samples are not yet available. I will share them as soon as they are!

What moms just like you are saying…

I wanted to share what moms just like you are saying about the new Math Lessons for a Living Education series!  "I am so in love with these books!" Misty G "My daughter liked math last Sept. She was 5 and K level. I found your MLFLE math books. Started using these in November. My …

Math 6 scope and sequence!

Are you waiting patiently for Math Lessons for a Living Education Book 6? I have prepared a cleaned up version of the scope and sequence I've been working off of, just for you! Math 6 scope and sequence

FAQ! What Makes Math Lessons for a Living Education different?

When Master Books began releasing their newly updated editions of the Math Lessons for a Living Education series, the questions started pouring in. It soon became clear that I needed to create an updated Frequently Asked Questions post. I'm so excited to be able to talk to you about these books! God has been doing …

a look inside the new Master Books editions of Math Lessons for a Living Education

Here is a better look at the inside of the newly released Master Books editions of the Math series. Math Book 1 Math Book 2 Math Book 3   Math Book 4

New Math Placement Tests!

Are you wondering where to place your child in the newly updated, full color, fully edited and revised Master Books editions of the Math Lessons for a Living Education series? Now you can determine exactly where you should start by administering this simple placement test.

Something to love. Something to learn.

I have been down this week with one of the nastiest colds I've ever endured in my life. Ack! The sneezing! I've spent some time playing around online today, working through some of the WordPress elements I need to learn. I completely conquered designing and making slideshows. Yay, me! (AAAAchooo!)