Hi there!

I'm Angela O’Dell, a Jesus follower, wife to my very best friend, mom to four wonderful children, fellow homeschooler, author and speaker at Master Books (author of the Math Lessons for a Living Education and the America's Story history series), and owner of Jelly Bean Jar Publications. This blog is meant to be a place of encouragement. [...]

Seeing Spelling as a Servant

Here is the information I promised in my recent podcast episode, Seeing Spelling as a Servant. Spelling tips: First, have them carefully pronounce the words to make sure they were actually saying them correctly. You would be surprised how many times words were being misspelled because they were being said wrong. Lib-erry became library and [...]

growing…my thoughts about new years

I have to be honest, New Year's resolutions flummox me. There have been years that I've joined the 99% of the world's population in declaring that I will make kick-butt changes with my diet and exercise routines, and, like 75% of that 99%, I've completely given up by Valentine's Day (the call of the chocolate [...]