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Cathy Duffy Review

“In my opinion, MLFLE uses a great mix of teaching methods, buttressed by sufficient practice and application. Children are likely to enjoy math lessons because of the methods used, and parents are likely to know what their child truly understands from the narration and application activities. The deeper I have gotten into my review, the more I like this series. In addition, the design and cost of MLFLE make it very affordable.” Kathy Duffy 

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Original MasterBook announcement.


If you would like to see my self published books, you will find them all here at my online store.

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    1. My header pic is something I made and uploaded. 🙂 I started with a picture I bought from Shutterstock, popped it into a Pages Doc, added my family pics to it, turned it into a pdf, changed it to a jpg, uploaded it to Picmonkey to add the words, saved it, and uploaded it to my blog header image. lol! Of course, I did it about 8 times before I got it the way I wanted. 😉

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